Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World

Paul Stamets

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genre Field Guide » Plants / Fungi
publisher Ten Speed Press
publish date October 1, 2005
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  • By Kyle Beckhorn -

    This is an incredible book. If you’re interested in mushrooms and mycology, look into this one.

    From what mushrooms are, to how they behave, how they can (and have) helped our civilization deal with polution, to growing and enjoying the harvest. This book can be read as a scientific research aid, or as a growers guide.

    This is not an identification guide, but the Alternative Library has those too.

    Highly recommended for those of you who are looking to learn about mushrooms. This is one of the most complete books on growing and the uses of numerous types of mushrooms.

  • By Sam Swicord -

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