Brian Chippendale

Both an epic 80-page graphic novel and a document of his vibrant drawings, collages and posters, Ninja is the first book by Fort Thunder co-founder and Lighting Bolt drummer Brian Chippendale. The graphic novel, a work 5 years in the making, takes readers through a fantastic landscape delineated in Chippendale’s dense pen and ink line-work and starring a Ninja hunted by the forces of evil. It functions as both a great fantasy story and a social allegory about an artist’s struggle with money, gentrification, and city politics. Nearly every massive comics page is drawn in a different elaborate style somewhere between Darger, Panter & illuminated manuscript. In between each chapter of the story is a related section of fine art: from bright, exuberant paintings to visionary drawings to the posters for which Chippendale is internationally recognized. Half art book, half graphic novel, this collection is a unique adventure in art and comics.

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genre Literature and Fiction » Oversized Comics
publisher PictureBox
publish date November 25, 2006
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  • By Future Man -

    Chippendale is a maniac! He’s most recognized for his role as the drummer in the noise rock band Lightning Bolt, he was also a founding member of the Fort Thunder art collective. This book is huge and in your face with Brian’s bright color prints, manic scribbling and actual child drawings from when he was a kid.

    This whole book stems from the comics that Brian drew when he was 7 years old of a nondescript ninja doing battle and collecting loot from ‘the bad guys’. These stories are then brought to a more psychedelic sense of completeness when broken up with recent comics drawings interspersed, featuring the same hooded ninja.

    Reading this comic transports you to the same bizarre world as the best Lightning Bolt songs. Simultaneously surrealistic child art noise comic art book. I love it!

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