No Surrender: My Thirty-year War

Hiroo Onoda

The title pretty much sums up the book and the book elaborates on the title. What else can I say? Of course I’ll still write something. Onada endured a reality I can only imagine, or read about-one of a thirty year war, the Japenese Army vs The Philippine Army, one where the words “the suspense is killing me” were often taken quite literally. Here’s a quote from a random page of the book I opened up to, a quote that left my heart racing and my mind spinning and my soul quite frankly glad to live the life I’m blessed to live. “The Americans had disappeared into the forest this side of the beach, and at sunset we had neither seen nor heard any more of them. Where were they? And what was the Lieutenant Suehiro doing? I grew more nervous as time went on. By nightfall I was beginning to feel that the enemy was breathing down my back. Night enveloped us in inky darkness….not thirty minutes later we saw flames rising in the vicinity of Lubang. I felt certain the Suehiro group had come under enemy fire, but there was no way to make sure. I was more nervous than ever. I do not know how many times I must have grasped the handle of my sword.” Aaaaanyways. If this lens of nail biting, gut wrenching, nightmare inducing subjective history appeals to you, run over to the biography section and snag this gem before someone else does.

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genre Biography
publisher Harper & Row Publishers
publish date 1974
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