Nog a Dod: Prehistoric Canadian Psychedoolia

Marc Bell

Like their contemporaries and friends in the Royal Art Lodge (some of whom are featured here), this loosely affiliated group of Vancouver-based artists draw with and about each other, working on one another’s pieces, creating limited-edition books and posters and collaborating so closely that it is sometimes difficult to tell where one ends and another begins. Their loose, expressive and unpredictable work is akin to that of fellow “doodlers” Marcel Dzama and the Paper Rad collective–falling somewhere between children’s book art, comics, psychedelia and fine art. Nog a Dod, the first book to document this vibrant scene, shows off nearly a decade of work and hundreds of unique mini-books by artists including Marc Bell, Peter Thompson, Jason McLean, Amy Lockhart, Owen Plummer, Keith Jones and Marc Connery.

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genre Literature and Fiction » Anthology
publisher PictureBox
publish date November 15, 2006
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