On the Road

Jack Kerouac

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genre Literature and Fiction » Beat Generation
publisher Penguin
publish date June 1, 1999
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  • By Nick Vassallo -

    Kerouac has a lyrical style like no other–the man’s writing is all soul, and heart, and swells of great mixed energy tumbling out with the spirit of Coltrane, taking a true gift and miraculous eye and feel for the heartbeat of one’s place in time and working like a possessed person to harken his craft to the point where he could sit down after years and years of experience and deep deep rued up thoughts and stories and bang out this novel in a legendarily feverish 3 week explosion of coiled observations expressed through his vicarious intensity for living. When I read this book, I feel a kindred spirit and a man looking for honesty and who’s mix of emotions, true love , optimistic idealisms and godly sympathy for every walking creature and moment of life in this planet smashes like an atom into a deeply thoughtful attempt at something great. His earnestness and sincerity make attempting seem worthwhile, even as much that he takes in makes him and you weep and feel a blue sad poet’s eyes looking out at the world as a place with tremendous sadness and beauty simultaneously. An inspiration to travel and see your country and live with your true friends and aim for honesty, this book has a heartbeat that resonates like a sweet song from some place very special. Thank you, Jack!

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