One Hundred Demons

Lynda Barry

Buddhism teaches that each person must overcome 100 demons in a lifetime. In One Hundred Demons, a collection of 20 autobiographical comic strip stories from Salon’s popular “Mothers Who Think” section, Lynda Barry wrestles with some of hers in her signature quirky, irrepressible voice. From “Dancing” and “Hate” to “Dogs” and “Magic,” the tales included here are at once hilarious and heartbreaking. As she delves into the delights and sorrows of adolescence, family, identity, and love, Barry’s ear for dialogue, dead-on delivery, and painterly style showcase her considerable genius.

genre Biography
publisher Sasquatch Books
publish date August 24, 2005
popularity checked out 14 time(s)


  • By Jasmine (Jammys) Chang -

    Lynda Barry’s illustrations and stories are captivating and chock full of human spirit. I had a really hard time pacing myself while reading this book, it’s just so so good. Also personally, her artistic freedom provokes a lot of inspiration. She’s a master at telling stories through comics, it’s like candy to read!

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