One Trick Rip-Off / Deep Cuts

Paul Pope

This is a collection featuring almost 300 pages of Paul Pope’s previously out of print earlier comic stories. Pulpy sci-fi adventure stories done in Pope’s signature calligraphic influenced brush style. Beautiful stuff!

status Copy #1 (5246): in
genre Sci-Fi
publisher Image Comics
publish date January 29, 2013
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  • By Future Man -

    Obviously some of Pope’s earliest work, but pretty cool to see his evolution of craft through the couse of this book. The first story in here, The One Trick Rip Off, is a sort of magical realist crime story that was originally serialized through Dark Horse Presents in the early nineties. The later half is made up of various short stories. These are really what grabbed me about this collection. Towards the end, Pope’s style becomes much more refined and closely resembles his work in 100%

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