Orion Vol. 34 #2: March/April 2015

Orion Magazine

In late 2014, as this issue of Orion came together, President Obama announced that after nearly sixty years of closure, the United States would open relations with Cuba. To mark the occasion, the March/April 2015 issue features “Passport to Cuba,” a special section celebrating the sights, sounds, and longings of the island nation through the work of its writers and artists.

The issue also features a defense of evolution education by James Krupa, a biology professor who teaches the subject in Kentucky, a place where it isn’t always welcome; a picture essay documenting an era when Americans took special pride in their public infrastructure; and an essay by Lia Purpura on the essential eagle-ness of eagles.

Other highlights from the issue: inventive spring-cleaning tips from Lyanda Lynn Haupt, an essay on the healing powers of wildfire, new writing from Julia Alvarez, and more, including poetry by Andrea Cohen, Dave Lucas, and Betsy Sholl.

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