Partner Yoga – Making Contact for Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Growth

Cain Carroll and Lori Kimata N.D.

Like food and water, touch and intimacy are basic human needs. As naked and vulnerable newborns, we thrive on skin-to-skin contact with other humans. Yet somewhere between infancy and adulthood, this fulfilling nourishment from touch is virtually lost. In today’s high-tech world, most of us are more comfortable connecting with each other through machines and modems than our own skin. Yet for optimum health, we all need to touch– and be touched. Partner Yoga can be practiced with a friend, lover, gym buddy– even your child. It can be practiced indoors, outdoors, in a group– even on a beach. Partner Yoga is a bold, new step in the evolution of yoga. With their 30 years of combined experience in yoga, medicine, fitness, dance, the martial arts, and music, Cain Carroll and Lori Kimata, N.D., have developed a totally new yoga practice that blends mutually beneficial postures, conscious breathing, trust, communication, and– most of all– playfulness and fun. The 60 dynamic postures and 3 yoga flows introduced in this book offer a threshold into a provocative and exciting yoga experience. Developed with reverence for the ancient tradition of yoga, these beautiful postures are designed to help improve balance, strength, and flexibility as well as increase the level of trust and communication between you and your partner. Partner Yoga is perfect for anyone– novice or seasoned yoga practitioner– who is interested in increasing fitness, releasing tension, strengthening relationships, and having a good time. So find a partner and explore the possibilities!

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genre Health » Energy Healing
publisher Rodale Reach (Rodale Books)
publish date 2000
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