Patternmaster (Patternist 5)

Octavia E. Butler

In the far future, humans are connected by a telepathic web that is controlled by the Patternmaster, a man whose sheer mental power has made him the uncontested ruler of humankind. As strong as his mind is, the Patternmaster’s body is weakening by the day, and when he dies, his people will descend into anarchy unless a clear successor steps forward.
Of the Patternmaster’s many children, only two have the potential strength to take the throne. Teray is an apprentice who is eager to make his way in the world but has yet to grasp the full extent of his powers. Coransee is older, stronger, and already powerful in his own right — and he will stop at nothing to eliminate competition for the throne.
With the help of Amber, a healer in Coransee’s household, Teray must learn to master his own abilities — and save his people from his brother’s ruthless quest for power.

status Copy #1 (23156): in
genre Sci-Fi
publisher Grand Central Publishing
publish date 1976
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