Alexander R. Putney

It is the mathematical symbol for phi, a transcendental number: 1.6180339887498… This universal constant is reflected in all of nature’s patterns. Sacred art and architecture all over the world apply it as the golden ratio, 1:1.618 or 2:3:5, monumentally seen in the design of the Great Pyramid corresponding to the angular inclination of standing waves resonating within its stones.

Alexander Putney’s Magnetic Resonance maps define the phi-ordered global distribution pattern of the world’s pyramids as a precise expression of the quadratic function [ zn+1 = zn2 ]. This nonlinear fractal encodes Earth’s deep infrasound resonance as symbolized by the Sanskrit mandala, a square within a circle. Representing the sacred vital force of consciousness, this mandala is found in Egyptian temples as the Rose Cross, in megalithic stone circles as the Celtic Cross, in Buddhist temples as the Kalachakra or ‘Wheel of Time’ and in Mayan temples as a symbol of Hunab K’u, the Universal Creator.

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