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genre Literature and Fiction » Oversized Comics
publisher Last Gasp
publish date April 1, 2011
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  • By Future Man -

    New adaptation of a classic story, turned silent graphic novel by the co-creator of the Persepolis movie adaptation.

  • By Helios Wilson Levick -

    what a fricken’ frackin’ cool book! You might remember Pinocchio, if you don’t : Whatever, you still run the large risk of enjoying this book. If you Do : Watch as the picture in your mind gains incredible and malevolent depth. The Story shatters into many delightful fragments, each following a characters spin through space and time. Beautiful Drawings, Lush Colors, Spiraling Styles, Violence, Sex, Radioactive Waste, Spectacular!

  • By Naomi Gibson -

    One dark and moody eve, in a search of voyage into a wordless comic-world, I happened across this tome, and boy, am I ever glad I did. This team of artists has produced a work that is nothing short of masterful. Luscious illustrations, impeccable storytelling rhythm, gracefully gratuitous violence. There’s nothing quite like witnessing the hijinks and antics of virtuosic artists at play, and herein you’ll get 188 straight full-color pages of it. If you draw, paint, participate in the weaving of story, or have a stupidly dark sense of humor, you should probably read this book.

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