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Charles Bukowski

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  • By David Czuba -

    Bukowski is at his best in the book that made him famous, in an occupation, postman, that chewed him up and spit him out. Whether he writes of driving the postal jeep like a madman in the rain, or of women wearing loose robes as they’re handed the mail at the stoop, Bukowski summons the wit god and calls ‘never mind’ through the screen door when it arrives. Candor is always Bukowski’s card, even when he’d rather lie and get it over with, a sly devil who gets the crap kicked out of him by the system. As an aside, my girlfriend met and held poetry readings attended by Buk, and edited and published a primer of stories about the writer entitled “All’s Normal Here”. The library should have it, but it’s rare and expensive. At any rate, Bukowski inspires a generation of slackers to keep at it, and write poetry while they’re at it, because it’s a better occupation than the one they got to do for money. To inform yourself more, rent the documentary film on Bukowski, “Born Into This” if you can’t find “All’s Normal Here”. No, it isn’t, and never was.

  • By Zach Sylvester -

    Hilarious depth. Excellent read.

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