Preliminary Materials For a Theory of the Young-Girl


The Young-Girl is herself the product of misogyny, but the theory of the Young-Girl is not. Open up any women’s magazine and you’ll see for yourself. The Young-Girl is not always young and, increasingly, not even a girl. She is but the figure of total integration into a disintegrating social whole.

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genre Activism and Human Rights » Feminism
publisher Semiotext(e)
publish date 2012
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  • By Meg Duke -

    dope. posits (collage-style) a general archetype of the spectacle-society’s ideal individual: naive and empty of inner meaning, excepting the desire to be in, part of, and for the spectacle; this emptiness allows others to project their own understandings, desires and expectations of society onto the individual; the archetypal “young girl” (who can be anyone) is simultaneously all parts of the society of the spectacle: the producer, the consumer, and the product consumed. blew my mind.

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