Prophet Vol. 2: Brothers

Brandon Graham, Simon Roy, Farel Dalrymple, Giannis Milogiannis

The distant future war continues! Old man Prophet is awake now and searching across the universe for old allies that have survived the centuries since the last war.

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genre Sci-Fi
publisher Image Comics
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  • By Future Man -

    I am so pleased with where this series is headed. For those who read the first book and reached the end wondering what on earth had just happened, but just couldn’t get enough, prepare for more of the same. This book seems to open countless more doors, while closing very few. I would classify this only very loosely in the action/adventure genre. The story is so unlike any other genre comics I’ve read and the artistry is so top-notch inventive, its inspiring to me in the same way that free-jazz is, just bleeding with possibilities. While it seems that the primary influence on these stories is from European comics, there is a spontaneity here that reminds me of some of the most experimental of American underground comics. Pick this book up and hold on, because it demands your full attention.

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