Rainbow Gatherings, Volume Two: 2000 – 2012 (Volume 2)

Butterfly Bill, William S Hirsch

This book takes up the story where the first volume of Rainbow Gatherings ends, in the autumn after the Montana national gathering in 2000, and continues thru ten more national gatherings until Tennessee in 2012.

These were years of confrontation with the law enforcement officers of the Forest Service over drugs brought in and group use permits not signed – years of blockades, vehicle searches, arrests, citations, mass court sessions, and sometimes violent altercations with injuries.

They were years of increased trust and cooperation with the resource management rangers, and development of operating plans to supplant the permit requirement.

And they were years when a new generation of gatherers came into play, wearing new and different colors.

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genre Utopian Studies » Community
publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition, The Bliss Fire Press
publish date 2013
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