Rent Girl

Michelle Tea

Rent Girl continues Tea’s graphic and uncompromising autobiographical bender, telling the story of her years as a prostitute, with provocative and richly illustrated work by Laurenn McCubbin.

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genre Sex & Gender ยป Sex Work
publisher Last Gasp
publish date Aug 2004
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  • By Jasmine (Jammys) Chang -

    This book is bitter, beautiful, hilarious and honest. It’s full of dykes, deception, drugs, trickery and broken hearts, as well as gorgeous illustrations consisting of a black, white and red color scheme. You get a good glimpse into lesbian and sex work culture, and the illustrations definitely enhance Michelle Tea’s writing. Rent Girl doesn’t portray prostitutes as helpless victims, immoral harlots or idealized heroes; it reveals their humanity and struggles with the moral question of sex work. It will likely challenge your perspective on the sex industry, whether you be for it or against it.

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