Resource Manual for a Living Revolution

Coover, Deacon, Esser, Moore

The Resource Manual is a guide to creating a new society community by community. It is based on the ideas of the Philadelphia Life Centre, where activists banded together to create a living space that focused on social change. The Movement for a New Society stemmed from this community, and aims to teach new social skills that break the roles and hierarchy of society to reach a new level of equality. Various training programs have been developed to improve personal relationships and interaction with groups, and to reform the system of governance. The idea is to start with personal growth and change the individual’s perspective. Social change will follow.

The guide is extensive and includes many exercises for the growth of individuals, groups and organizations. It begins with a theoretical theory for social change and explores the history of social movements. The section on working with groups includes the subheadings, “Group Dynamics”, “Facilitation of Meetings”, “Special Tools”, and “Conflict Resolution”. Developing Communities of Support is a section on how to establish and maintain such a living space, and Organizing for a Change discusses how to use these communities groups to bring about social change. There are also sections entitled Personal Growth, Consciousness Raising, and Training and Education. The book includes many references for further reading and skill-building exercises.

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genre Activism and Human Rights » Activism
publisher New Society Publishers
publish date 1985
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