Sailing Alone Around the World

Captain Joshua Slocum

of astounding adventures,
Alone around the World

is the true story of the first man ever to circle the globe alone entirely by
sea. In a little over three years, Captain Joshua Slocum completed the feat
many experts believed couldn’t be done—and he has the stories to prove it.
During his historic voyage, Slocum was chased by pirates in Gibraltar, soaked
by a “rain of blood” in Australia, and battered by perilous storms in
the open ocean. He also met many famous—and infamous—people along the way,
from Mrs. Robert Louis Stevenson in Samoa, to Black Pedro, “the worst
murderer in Tierra del Fuego.” This absorbing tale, written with humor and
poetic eloquence, was first published in 1900 and has remained in print ever

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publish date 2005
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