Saturn Returns: “The Private Papers of a Reluctant Astrologer”

Elizabeth Spring

The Saturn Return profoundly changes everyone’s life around the ages of 29 and 59. What happens to us then? And how do we understand the “fated” astrological predictions that challenge us in these times? What do we dare to believe? Written for non-astrologers as well as astrologers, this book is composed of two parts: “Book One” the fictionalized memoir of a “reluctant astrologer” during her Saturn Return, and “Book Two,” the non-fiction book on Saturn that “Isabelle” is writing. Author Elizabeth Spring, M.A. is a professional Jungian astrologer who has written a book that both inspires and guides us as we move through some of life’s toughest transitions.

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genre Spirituality » Astrology
publisher Elizabeth Spring
publish date 2011
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