Secolo Nuovo or; The Times of Promise

Fulvia Ferrari

A story of witches, anarchists, gnostics, indigenous outlaws, bandits, heretics, sunflowers, sailors, lavender, salmon, longshoremen, bank robbers, dynamiters, country farmers, alchemists, crimps, pimps, brothels, oceans, alembics, maroon colonies, mad scientists, artists, boats, depraved capitalists, grapes, cooks, vigilantes, teamsters, horses, libraries, traitors to the nation, hobos, miners, dancing, guerrilla leaders, mountains, religious movements, crumbling empires, nihilists, wagons, armed uprisings, wine, revolutionaries, peasants, military defectors, books and the wireless transmission of electric energy.

status Copy #1 (23534): in
genre Activism and Human Rights ยป Activism
publisher Detritus Books
publish date 2021
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