Gabby Schulz,

The author of the perennial classic, Monsters (written as Ken Dahl), Gabby Schulz returns with a new graphic novel, Sick, which Hicksville author Dylan Horrocks calls “a punch in the face and well worth reading.” Like Monsters, Sick focuses on health and social policy, this time expanding from the subject of STDs and their stigma to the larger, hot-button issue of national healthcare.

Severely ill, uninsured, alone, and confined to his bed for weeks, Schulz was left searching—only to find himself. Sick documents his discovery in gory, glorious, water-colored detail, finally completed and collected here for the first time in a beautiful, album-sized hardcover edition.

Since Monsters, Schulz has produced a host of online comics including SEXISM, a viral sensation written up everywhere from the Stranger to Scientific American. The web-serialized Sick was an Ignatz Award nominee for Outstanding Online Comic. His work has appeared on and BuzzFeed and in Arthur magazine.

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publisher Secret Acres
publish date 2016
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