Sounds of Your Name

Nate Powell

Nate Powell (March, Swallow Me Whole, Soophie Nun Squad, Any Empire) recently won the Eisner for “best original graphic novel” and was the first graphic novel nominated for the LA Times book award since Art Spiegelman’s Maus! His intricate black and white art focuses on the terrors and pleasures of growing up. Poignantly plumbing the existential angst of youth, he invokes great coming-of-age novels with only a few dozen words. This book collects his self published zines and comics dating back to 1992, his first two graphic novels (Tiny Giants and It Disappears), and new work. These stories build vignette by vignette into a rich tableau of lofty dreams and Deep South disappointment, car crashes and love letters, first kisses and four-tracks. Powell’s work is a reminder of the persistence of wonder against all odds.

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genre Literature and Fiction » General Literature
publisher Microcosm Publishing
publish date 2007
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  • By Jacob Samuelson -

    Bar none the greatest sci-fi film ever made. The visuals and and music amaze the senses more and more every time I see it. What people need to understand is that no one should go into 2001 for the developed story or characters, but one should watch it purely for the great visuals and atmosphere. The scene with the space station and the Blue Danube is one of the best musical moments in the history of cinema, I would recommend this to any fan of sci-fi and just movies in general.

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