Tales Designed To Thrizzle Volume Two (Vol. 2)

Michael Kupperman

Hot on the heels of his acclaimed Mark Twain’s Autobiography: 1910-2010 comes Michael Kupperman’s second all-comics collection of surreal slapstick and crazy non sequitur goofiness, all from the pages of his beloved comic book series Tales Designed to Thrizzle. In the spirit of two-ness, Tales Designed to Thrizzle Book Two features two of Kupperman’s recurring duos: America’s favorite mustachioed physicist/writer double team of Twain and Einstein (solving new crimes and barreling through exciting new adventures), and the crime-fighting team of Snake and Bacon (“Sssssssssssss!”) who make a special return just to star in Reservoir Dogs 2. Elsewhere in this volume the crusty Quincy, M.E. makes his comic book debut, struggling through the fantastic landscapes of his own dreams in “Quinception” (in which St. Peter also gets his own comic book). Also: The Jungle Princess battles rhino traders… A story of Broadway theatrics in “All About Drainage”… Slightly cursed merchandise… Cockney grave robbers… Cowboy Oscar Wilde… McArf the Crime Dog takes a bite out of scum… The origin of The Hamanimal… Plus a photocomic starring comedian Julie Klausner: “Voyage To Narnia.”

status Copy #1 (1519): in
genre Humor and Satire » General Humor
publisher Fantagraphics
publish date February 16, 2013
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