Tales of Hot Rod Horror 2

Devon Devereaux, Rick Geary, various

Tales of Hot Rod Horror is a graphic novel series that is inspired by the likes of Stephen King s Christine, classic 70s road movies like Duel and Vanishing Point, urban legends and EC horror comics. TOHRH casts a wide net of artists and writers from mainstream animation, 1970s outsider art, serious horror fiction, and alternative comics all with a love of this bizarre subgenre. The newest volumes features Andy Ristaino s (Adventure Time s lead character designer) 24 page story The Tunnel , Rick Geary s (A Treasury of Victorian Murder) Cemetery Road. David Quinn (writer of Faust, Dr. Strangeand The Littlest Bitch) and Devon Devereaux (artist of Disney s Haunted Mansion and The Littlest Bitch) create a Twilight Zone-esque tale about a car wash haunted by the ghost of Roy Orbison. James Suhr (lead storyboard artist of Despicable Me and Disney s Gravity Falls) tells the tale of The Strange Case of Hyde and Seek, an update on the classic Jekyll and Hyde story. Tales of Hot Rod Horror 2 is a 114 page graphic novel, with a painted cover and black and white interior art.

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genre Horror
publisher Cackling Imp Press
publish date March 15, 2013
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