Tape OP – The Book About Creative Music Recording

Larry Crane

Forget the glossy trade mags, only TAPE OP opens the door to the minds and techniques of the most innovative recording engineers, producers and artists around. Creativity, ingenuity and using whatever facilities are available are the keys, from amazing albums recorded on 4-track cassette by the likes of Pavement, Quasi, Man or Astroman?, Karate or The Apples in Stereo, to full studio productions with Steve Albini [Shellac, Nirvana], Don Zientara [Fugazi, Minor Threat], Steve Fisk [Unwound], and Don Dixon [early REM]. Inside there’s a wealth of practical information for the home-recordist, musician, record producer or the curious on how to get the most out of any recording scenario.
Includes information on how to build your own microphone preamp, the merits of digital recording, the secrets of guitar amps, and artful ways of getting bizarre sounds out of 4–8 track machines and ordinary household items. Simply put, Tape Op rocks.

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genre Music » Music Theory
publisher Feral House
publish date 2000
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