Teach Yourself to Dream: A Practical Guide to Unleashing the Power of the Subconscious Mind

David Fontana

Teach Yourself to Dream, the practical companion to Chronicle Books’ best-selling Secret Language of Dreams, is a beautifully illustrated, hands-on guide to remembering and understanding dreams. Dr. David Fontana, renowned for his dream workshops, presents more than fifty exercises that enable earnest dreamers to explore, intensify, and even guide their night wanderings. With more than 150 images that evoke the surreal quality of dream visions and a brief A to Z directory of dream symbols and their meanings, Teach Yourself to Dream is a unique new tool for anyone interested in utilizing the life-changing power of dreams.

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genre Social Science » Dreaming
publisher Chronicle Books
publish date 1997
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  • By Meg Duke -

    3.5 stars. A non-intimidating introduction to dreaming, from a westerner’s perspective. Fontana is careful to offer multiple perspectives and suggest rather than state, leaving room for personal interpretation and exploration. by touching briefly on many aspects within dreams/the dream state but without delving too deeply on any subject, this book offered tinder for my imagination. but I did want a LOT more from non-western perspectives…

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