Teleny and Camille

Jon Macy, Oscar Wilde

Jon Macy adapted this 240-page graphic novel from the anonymous 1893 erotic novel, “Teleny,” often attributed to Oscar Wilde and his circle. Camille, a wealthy young gentleman in Victorian London, falls in love with the handsome and mesmerizing pianist Teleny. While Teleny performs on stage, the two star-crossed lovers discover they share a psychic link in the form of an erotic vision. While Camille struggles to resist his homosexuality Teleny is being pursued by others. After telepathically witnessing the erotic encounters Teleny has with both sexes, Camille attempts suicide. Teleny rescues Camille physically and emotionally with his rapturous love forsaking all others. In this newfound happiness Camille tries to forget that Teleny owes much of his success to the generosity of the women who desire him.

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genre Sex & Gender » Erotica
publisher Northwest Press
publish date 2010
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