The Bulletproof Coffin

David Hine, Shaky Kane

David Hine’s Strange Embrace was one of the most engaging and totally weird comics I’ve ever read and I can’t wait to read this latest comic with collaborator Shaky Kane. Tongue-in-cheek pop comics drenched in metafictional mayhem!
Apparently this series has been popular enough that these guys are now working on a follow up mini-series too.

status Copy #1 (3601): in
genre Horror
publisher Image Comics
publish date May 10, 2011
popularity checked out 5 time(s)


  • By Future Man -

    Comic book meta-fiction is at its finest here. This reads as a sort of ode to the golden-age of Marvel and other superhero/horror/adventure comics. While Bulletproof Coffin seems to be largely inspired by golden-age comics, it brings in other elements from all over the spectrum of comic cultures that wouldn’t seem to overlap to any redeeming end, but the story that spins from the minds of David Hine and Shaky Kane develops to a beautifully postmodern result.

    Imagine combining the reality twisting down-the-rabit-hole adventure of Grant Morrison’s Animal Man with the pop-surrealism of Mike Alred’s Madman, but drawn by Jack Kirby and you have a rough idea of what’s going on here.

    This story is fantastic, can’t wait to read the sequel. I hope to see more from both of these guys soon!

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