The Compleat Moonshadow

John Marc DeMatteis, Kent Williams, George Pratt, Kevin Nowlan, Gaspar Saladino, Jon J. Muth

Collecting both the original run of Moonshadow and its sequel, Farewell Moonshadow in a single paperback volume. Journey from the farther reaches of outer space to the starry skies of the inner spirit as the young dreamer, Moonshadow, and his cynical alien companion, ira, set forth on the unforgettable intergalactic odyssey that science-fiction great Ray Bradbury called “beautiful, original, haunting.”

status Copy #1 (2268): in
genre Fantasy » Epic Fantasy
publisher DC Comics
publish date February 1, 1998
popularity checked out 14 time(s)


  • By Future Man -

    Totally original, totally hilarious, totally dark and fascinating fantasy story told in beautiful painted pages.

  • By Meg Duke -

    Art so beautiful it kept me reading despite the underwhelming and plotless storyline. Classic loss-of-innocence story, the highlights being interesting/grotesque representations of capitalistic society, its ability to cloak the means-end relationship, and a caricature of those who control it.

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