The Crock of Gold

James Stephens

When a crock of gold belonging to the leprechauns of Gort na Cloca disappears, strange things begin to happen. Brigid and Seumas, the children of Philosopher and the Thin Woman of Inis Magrath are kidnapped; and even more unusual, the ancient god Pam is seen playing in the fields!
Attempting to find his children, the Philosopher undertakes a journey to seek the help of the mighty and mysterious god Angus Og. The journey abounds in fantastic adventures and weird sights, culminating in a great gathering of the clans and fairy creatures. There, Angus and a merry multitude of gods bring happiness once again to the folk of the enchanted countryside.
This delightful and unique fantasy established the reputation of the noted Irish poet and novelist James Stephens. Brimming with good humor, whimsy, and charm — along with a few serious observations that in no way detract from the story’s magical qualities — The Crock of Gold is a wise and beautiful fairy tale for grown-ups. “Full of sympathy and tenderness and sly satire, of merriment and of poetry.” — The New York Times. It is a classic of modern fiction that will enchant devotees of Celtic lore and fable lovers of all ages

status Lost
genre Fantasy » Epic Fantasy
publisher Pan Books
publish date 1912
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