The Debt Resisters’ Operations Manual

Strike Debt

Strike Debt emerged out of assemblies held in May 2012 in solidarity with the student strikes in Montreal. Working groups such as Occupy Theory, Occupy Student Debt Campaign, and Free University collaborated to hold an assembly on Education and Debt. Several weeks later, the group continued to meet under the name “Strike Debt,” which quickly realized that organizing around all forms of debt provided much-needed energy and systematic analysis to the movement.

The Debt Resisters’ Operations Manual is a project of Strike Debt, which is building a movement of debt resistance and liberation based on principles of anti-oppression, autonomy, democratic decision-making, and direct action. In addition to this manual, Strike Debt initiatives include launching the “Rolling Jubilee,” a mutual-aid project that buys debt at steeply discounted prices and then abolishes it; hosting debtors’ assemblies; and planning direct actions across the country, ranging from debt burnings to targeted shutdowns of predatory lenders.

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