The Devil’s Anarchy: The Other Loose Roving Way of Life & Very Remarkable Travels of Jan Erasmus Reyning, Buccaneer

Stephen Snelders

This book explores pirate culture as radical social organization: a salty picture of anarchic pirate life, liberated, pleasurable and violent!*BR**BR*Rebelling against hierarchical society and choosing the Jolly Roger, pirates entered the political spheres of anarchist organization and festival, with death and violence ever-present. Pirates created an upside-down world full of heroics as well as the deep horrors of life outside authority. *BR**BR*Examining piracy as limited social rebellion,The Devil’s Anarchy travels from the Hollywood pirate-as-hero to the stories of two great Dutch pirates: Claes Compaen, who terrorized the seas from 1623 to 1627, and Jan Erasmus Reyning, who ruled the seas a half-century later. *BR**BR*This unique focus on the politics of piracy in the 17th and 18th centuries, featuring the first english translations of key Dutch texts, makes this a hugely entertaining book that provides insight into the real lives of these legendary bandits of the seas.

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genre History » World and Other Histories
publisher Autonomedia
publish date March 2004
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