The Dharma Bums

Jack Kerouac, Jason, Ann Douglas

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genre Literature and Fiction » Beat Generation
publisher Penguin Classics
publish date October 31, 2006
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  • By Jon Maurins -

    This is the first Kerouac novel I have ever read, having only previously read bits and pieces of his poetry book Book of Blues. I really enjoyed it. Coming from one of the most well recognized writers of the 20th century, I expected to find something in this book. Like many great things, this book contains a mixture of bliss and depression, bleakness and greenness, adventure and stillness, togetherness and isolation.
    Jack tells tales of hopping trains, climbing mountains, meditating in a forest surrounded by canines, getting wasted, and doing handstands, with all the wit, weirdness and humor associated with the Beats.
    There is something about these kinds of books that inspires me to live fuller, to go do things that I love to do. I recommend it.

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