The Eden Express

Mark Vonnegut

The Eden Express describes from the inside Mark Vonnegut’s experience in the late ’60s and early ’70s. Mark Vonnegut is the son of the famous author Kurt Vonnegut.

status Lost
genre Biography
publisher Bantam Books
publish date 1975
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  • By Kathleen Cross -

    This is a really interesting read. Mark is the oldest child of Vonnegut’s, so he remembers back to before Vonnegut got famous and was still poor and raising like twelve kids. In his twenties, Mark become schizophrenic- he struggles for a long time in this crazy medical system. He gets better, and then ends up BECOMING A DOCTOR. Can you imagine how hard that would be? This is very well written, and has interesting insight into fame, mental illness and the medical establishment.

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