The Frank Book

Jim Woodring

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genre Humor and Satire » General Humor
publisher Fantagraphics Books
publish date Jun 2003
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  • By Helios Wilson Levick -

    Holy Damn. This is a very effective Comic. Jim Woodring wrings much content, both mechanical and emotional, from simple drawings with very minimal wordage. The Story’s herein echo archetypical. They dance Elegantly, captivating anyone willing to look a bit deeper. The characters gain surprising depth, though no real lasting consequences incur. Morose, Diverse, Sacred, Spectacular.

  • By Future Man -

    The appeal of The Frank Book seems to be more and more effective with each time I’ve come back to it. Immediately, just from the first look at the cover, it seems to have an unexpected profundity, as in a Taoist happenstance kind of way.
    Opening to the endpages, with a starry night sky mapped out with freaky monster-shaped constellations mapped in overlay, it hits you that this book will not be a cartoon anthropomorph adventure like any other, but will be drawing on the potency of myth and legend to speak to something many-layered and abounding with archetypes.
    The stories themselves are fantastical and at turns horrifying, with the central character, Frank, in constant struggle to find a peaceful moment of bliss. Meanwhile the other denizens of the mysterious Unifactor where Frank calls home, are caught in struggles for power and control or just blind delusions of beauty and grandeur. WONDERFUL!

  • By Cody Harder -

    Reading “Frank” regularly keeps me regular.

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