The Kiss

Hans-Jurgen Dopp

A prince once wrote, “France is the only country in the world of eating oysters like a great wine and to enjoy them with passion and know-how.”” this led him to the conclusion that this talent of the tongue gave them a particular sensibility for kissing and caressing.<p>Beyond this anecdote, the kiss remains the first touch for a couple and symbolizes a major step in a sexual relationship. For isn’t a kiss the premise of the act or an act in itself? What role do the lips and the tongue play in the lovers’ encounter? What are its means and its uses throughout history and societies?<p>Such are the questions and analyses that Professor Dopp tackles in this book with both talent and intelligence. Richly illustrated with pieces from the author’s illustrious collection, this work is a treat for the eyes and the mind.

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genre Sex & Gender » Erotic Art
publisher Parkstone Press Ltd
publish date 2003
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