The Mass Psychology of Fascism

Wilhelm Reich, Vincent Carfagno

Drawing on his medical expereinces with men and women of various classes, races, nations, and religious beliefs, Reich refutes the still generally held notion that fascism is a specific characteristic of certain nationalities or a political party ideology that is imposed on innocent people by means of force or political manneuvers. “Fascism on only the organized political expression of the structure of the average man’s character. It is the basic emotional civilization and its mechanistic-mystical conception of life.”—Wilhelm Reich

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genre Social Science » Psychology
publisher Farrar, Straus and Giroux
publish date November 1, 1980
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  • By David Zhang -

    Wilhelm Reich was the a protege of Sigmund Freud who came up with some rather unorthodox psycho-social theories. According to Reich, repressed sexual energy make people more susceptible to fascism. He goes on to explain how the rise of the Nazi party was made possible by the patriarchal, sexually repressed culture of early 20th century Germany – as much of a factor as Goebel’s propaganda or Hitler’s black magic.

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