The New Left: A Documentary History

Massimo Teodori, Allen Ginsberg, Gary Snyder, Huey P. Newton, Eldridge Cleaver, Stokely Carmichael, Staughton Lynd

“Whoah! This collection looks AWESOME!” – FX

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genre Anarchism » Anarchist History
publisher Bobbs Merrill
publish date 1975
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  • By Ruth Davidson -

    I loved this compilation-the analysis by the editor Teodori is a reminder for those of us not alive during the 60’s that it was hard to see where things were headed politically in 1968-1969. But the real value of this book is simply that it’s got so many essays and transcripts of speeches by historical figures such as Stokeley Carmichael. It’s always illuminating to see primary sources and reflect on how and why things get misrepresented in historical analysis.

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