The New Our Bodies, Ourselves

Boston Women's Health Book Collective

Our Bodies, Ourselves for the New Century is the first major revision of this classic since 1984 and reflects the major changes that have occurred in every area of women’s health. It is still the definitive consumer health reference of all women.
This new focus encompasses such controversial issues as:
— Managing “managed care” and the insurance industry
— Questioning breast cancer treatment options
— Recent scientific developments in contraception and reproductive technology, including drug-induced abortions
— Violence as a women’s public health issue
— Preventing and living with HIV/AIDS
— The impact of racism on sexuality
— Chiropractic, herbal, and other alternative/complementary therapies, including natural approaches to menopause
— Poverty and racism as major determinants of women’s health.

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genre Health » Alternative Medicine
publisher Simon and Schuster
publish date March 7, 1996
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