The Real Work: Interviews & Talks, 1964-1979 Paperback

Gary Snyder

This collection is a companion volume to “Earth House Hold,” his earlier group of interviews published up to 1969. “The Real Work” pulls together interviews from The Berkeley Barb, Road Apple, and East West publications, as well as an interview with John Jacoby of Southern Methodist University on the forms and functions of poetry. It’s as far-ranging a collection as Snyder’s lifelong interests — the “real work” of living, creating, and conserving, the connection between spirituality and what Snyder calls “the bioregional ethic.” For more formal essays on the individual’s role in conservation, Snyder’s 1990 book, “The Practice of the Wild,” continues many of the themes explored in “The Real Work.”

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genre Literature and Fiction » Beat Generation
publisher New Directions Publishing Corporation
publish date 1980
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  • By Bill Svoboda -

    It is both amazing and heartbreaking that practically all of this is so completely current. Highly recommended.

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