The Squirrel Machine

Hans Rickheit

An anachronistic parable for the convulsive elite.

What is the squirrel machine? Is it a rodent ensnarement device? A mechanism for concealing one’s guarded harvest? An anachronistic fable? A meaningless diversion?

Set in a fictional 19th Century New England town, the narrative initially details the relationship and maturation of Edmund and William Torpor. But the two brothers quickly elicit the scorn and recrimination of an unamused public when they reveal their musical creations built from strange technologies and scavenged animal carcasses. Driven to seek a concealment for their aberrant activities, they make a startling discovery. Perhaps they will divine the mystery of the squirrel machine.

status Copy #1 (1973): in
genre Horror
publisher Fantagraphics Books
publish date October 20, 2009
popularity checked out 11 time(s)

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