The Understanding Monster – Book One

Theo Ellsworth

This series is a departure for reader and author alike. While maintaining the intimate nature of his debut Capacity, Ellsworth has taken his personal experience to an entirely new reality, exploding with color and energy. Presented in an oversized, full color, hardcover edition that captures the beauty of his hand painted artwork at nearly full size, The Understanding Monster Book One is a wonder to behold.

status Copy #1 (5533): in
genre Fantasy » WTFantasy?
publisher Secret Acres
publish date 2012
popularity checked out 13 time(s)


  • By Pi -

    YES! So confusing and complex and marvelous and detailed and far-out! I am unstoppably excited for the next one. I liked Capacity, but not quite as much and this. I admit I read this one first spurred on by a conversation between roommates who were reading it together. Even attempting to engage in conversation about this book will mystify the eavesdroppers.

    Read it slowly, paying attention to EVERYTHING.

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