The Water Wizard: The Extraordinary Properties of Natural Water

Viktor Schauberger, Callum Coats

According to Schauberger, water is akin to blood in the human body – the most important life-giving and energy-empowering substance on the planet. Yet, with incorrect, ignorant handling, it becomes diseased, affecting human, animal and vegetable life alike, causing physical decay and, in the case of people, their moral, mental and spiritual deterioration as well. Schauberger was a fearless exponent of natural energy and a fascinating polemicist, reveling in doing battle with contemporary orthodox scientists. Sadly, the same extractive and water management policies which brought devastation and widespread pollution in his day have even greater consequences today. Themes addressed in this book include: The natural pulsation of water and how to maintain it How minute differences in temperature affect the natural function of water in the earth, in plants and rivers. How to regulate rivers without damaging their vitality and health The natural conversion of sea-water into fresh water The consequence of sterilization and chlorination of water

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genre Hard Science » Ecology
publisher Gateway
publish date February 1998
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