The Yankee Magazine of Forgotten Arts

R. M. Bacon

Self-reliance can be so satisfying–and here is a unique collection of you-can-do-it projects that recaptures the hardworking but unhurried days of yesteryear. THE YANKEE MAGAZINE BOOK OF FORGOTTEN ARTS is a compilation of the best of the best articles from that magazine. This book tells you about: *food preparation and preservation; *keeping animals; *construction and repair of buildings; *gardening; *building fences and walls; and *crafts and decorating. There are several chapters devoted to each area, and many projects in each chapter. From The Homestead, Plant Live and Useful Animals to Food for Our Forefathers and Arts & Crafts, the projects have complete how-to instructions for mastering almost forgotten skills while using the most easily available equipment. All the easy-to-follow instructions have photos and diagrams included wherever necessary and explicit details of construction or preparation–for a timber-drying rack or recipes for making bread, baked beans and more. There are complete directions for how to construct and how to use a real woodburning stove. Each article also lists resources and additional information. Here is a reliable account of everyday Yankee life. So follow the path of ingenuity and perseverance; you too can savor the flavorful foods, make use of the clever building methods, and perfect the charming, colorful crafts of a bygone age–it’s all here, along with some good sit-by-the-fire reading!

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genre Utopian Studies » Homesteading
publisher Simon and Schulster
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