Under the Table and into Your Pocket: The How and Why of the Underground Economy

Bill Wilson

Bill Wilson describes how many folks are working under the table – and keeping their own money. Wilson describes many ways of getting round the heavy money-grubbing hand of the government. Using examples of what has happened to people who have fallen victim to the IRS, he delves into what YOU should consider when under the table income presents itself. From boarding houses and dominatrixes, to flea markets, roadside merchants and exotic dancers, Wilson describes many ways that Americans are keeping Big Brother’s hand out of their pockets. If you are like the dozens of ordinary people in this book, you are fed up with the callous and casual way the money you earn is going to line the pockets of politicos and their corporate cronies. The underground economy is not for everyone. Is it for you?

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genre Social Science » Economics
publisher Loompanics Unlimited
publish date March 2005
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