Unforgettable Fire

Japan Broadcasting Corporation

One day in May,1974, Mr. Iwakichi Kobayashi, a seventy-seven year old man brought a single picture of bombing to the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) Hiroshima Studio. The airing of this picture in June 1974 resulted in tremendous viewer response. A total of 975 pictures were submitted to the NHK in two months and exhibited at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum during August 1-6,1974, approximately 20,000 people saw the pictures.
Publisher Nippon Hoso Shuppan Kyokai edited and published 104 pictures in Japanese in 1977. Simultaneously the work was also translated into English by the World Friendship Center in Hiroshima, and published as “Unforgettable Fire” by Pantheon Books, a division of Random House, Inc., New York in 1977.

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publisher Pantheon Books
publish date 1977
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