Virtual Candle

HTML Flowers, Grant Gronewold

Created under the Southern Cross and rigorous social order of the Oceanic continent, Virtual Candle is the first colleciton of HTML Flowers’s work to land upon the shores of North America. Yet, demonstrating that art respects no political or geographic borders, the comics and other work collected in this spiffy softcover edition have been inhabited by the spirit of Providence, RI-based, Paper Rad/Paper Rodeo. HTML Flowers (playing Naomi Watts to Simon Hanselmann’s Nicole Kidman) demonstrates his multifacted talent in the pieces collected here, which include work executed in a variety of media, pencil, pen and ink, colored pencil, watercolor, even, apparantly, tattoos. A good bet for the adventurous comics reader.

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genre Magazine » Zine Collections
publisher Space Face Books
publish date 2015
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