Voodoo Child: The Illustrated Legend of Jimi Hendrix

Martin I. Green, Bill Sienkiewicz

This also includes a CD of unreleased material from Jimi Hendrix.

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genre Music » Musician Biography
publisher Kitchen Sink Press
publish date November 27, 1995
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  • By Tony Flores -

    A graphic biography one of the most innovative and influential rock musicians, guitar legend Jimi Hendrix. Bill Sienkiewicz is a great choice to illustrate the Hendrix style of music. Another standout is the style lettering used for the lyrics of songs.

  • By Future Man -

    ‘Illustrated legend’ perfectly describes the approach to this book. Rather than deeply trodding through anecdotal history, this book captures the energy of Hendrix’s music through Bill Sienkiewicz’s immersive psychedelic artwork which mesh with apt quotes from Hendrix’s songs and journals. The resulting story that develops creates the effect of portraying Jimi Hendrix as a sort of avatar, beyond that of a man; a nearly mythological figure.
    Bookended by a CD featuring rare recordings from Jimi’s private studio, this is a great portrait of a truely legendary inovator of guitar music.

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