Walrus: Brandon Graham’s All Bum Album

Brandon Graham

Brandon Graham (born 1976) was widely acclaimed for his book King City, with Publishers Weekly calling Graham “one of the most inventive action cartoonists working.” Walrus, his first art book, serves as a handbook to his visual and verbal world, a punning, humorous and sexy metropolis comprised of machines, logos, women and bumbling men, all cast in an alternate sci-fi universe.

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genre Art » Sketchbooks
publisher Picturebox Inc.
publish date 2013
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  • By Future Man -

    Brandon Graham is great! Lately, he’s been recognized by a much larger audience for his unconventional revival of a ’90’s superhero comic, Prophet, for which he has essentially created something entirely new. Here, we get to see his punny humor and rubbery cartoon characters uncensored and it’s a joy to explore! This book is essentially a collection of different ‘sketchbook’ drawings, but its been assembled and designed in such a way that it really highlights Graham’s attention to story in even the smallest moments. Each page holds your attention much longer than a typical sketchbook page, since every corner seems to have a silly pun smashed into it.
    If you’re familiar with any of Graham’s work, especially Multiple Warheads, this will definitely deliver more of the goods! For the uninitiated, I feel that this could also make for a good introduction to Graham’s cartoon sensibilities.

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